name Dr. Reetu Rudra is a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner and has practiced and taught Ayurvedic Medicine for the last ten years. Dr. Rudra is a member of the British Association of Accredited Ayurvedic Practitioner (AABAMC), London, and is also a member of the AAMA (American Alternative Medical Association). At presently, Dr Rudra is running Rudra Ayurveda & Panchkarma Center which is a pure Ayurvedic Center in New York city.
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Renal Calculi : Kidney stone – by Ayurvedic Center New York

15th December 2010
Kidneys provide a natural system for blood purification which is a nature’s gift to our body. Kidneys are two in number and are in the shape of beans. They are connected by a urine tube each to urine bladder. The main function of kidneys is straining. The... Read >